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1800 Number

How Did the 1800 Number Become Popular?

When AT&T launched the first 1800 number in 1967 no one knew the impact that it would eventually have on US and international businesses. The high start-up and installation costs initially put toll free numbers out of reach of all but the largest corporations or companies with extensive catalog sales. After the deregulation of AT&T in 1984, the use of a 1800 number increased dramatically, and it began being featured in a wide range of advertising and promotional activities. This tactic is not just for the big brands – small businesses and entrepreneurs can utilize a 1800 number to promote themselves alongside even the largest competitors.

The Basics of a 1800 Number

One thing that a business should know about a 1800 number is that it is not the only toll free virtual phone number available. Businesses can also utilize prefixes such as 888, 877, 866, and 855 to offer their customers the ability to call a USA phone number for free. In other countries, a 1800 number is sometimes called free phone, and can have a different prefix, depending on the location. Toll free numbers are used to level the playing field and to provide a national or international presence for the businesses that use them.

1800 Number Tips and Tricks

Almost everyone can sing or hum along with at least one TV or radio jingle utilizing a vanity 1800 number. That’s because some businesses look to extend their brand by mapping a 1800 number to a company name, tag line, or ad campaign. When a company activates a 1800 number it may want to feature it on online and offline ads. A business can even create more than one 1800 number to help track marketing campaigns. Also, a 1800 virtual US phone number can be connected to advanced customer care features such as SIP (VoIP) forwarding, sequential and simultaneous ringing, and PSTN failover routing.

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