How Can My Company Market a Virtual Telephone Number?

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How Can My Company Market a Virtual Telephone Number?

The question shouldn’t be “How can my company market a virtual telephone number,” it should be “how can’t my company market a virtual telephone number.” First, it’s important to settle on a number that will be memorable. Think along the lines of 1-800-FLOWERS or 1-800-CONTACTS. The name of the company is the telephone number, and it also clearly defines what the company has to offer: flowers, or contacts. Use your virtual telephone number as a part of your business: business names can be hard to remember, but a basic, straightforward phone number isn’t.

If you are using your phone number internationally, it is important to make a separate marketing strategy for each country; something that works in the U.S. might not work in Scotland. But with each additional market you advertise to, the opportunity for new, creative ways to get across the company message are boundless. After all, just because you are advertising in a new country, to a completely different culture, your product or service is still the same. Market it with confidence, and with the knowledge that it really is something worth selling.

Virtual numbers, unlike many forms of advertising, allows the advertiser to trace the effects of the particular form of advertising. Inundated by calls from Verona? You know that the company message in that particular area is working. Not enough calls from the southern portion of the U.S.? You can see that in the data, and tweak the way you advertise in that portion of the country. The options for marketing a virtual number are virtually unlimited!

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