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Virtual Phone Numbers

What Are Virtual Phone Numbers?

Virtual phone numbers can provide benefits for virtually any business looking to grow in more than one area and to keep costs and overhead low. Imagine a company is based in Mexico but wants to do business across the border in Los Angeles, Dallas, or Houston. It can activate virtual phone numbers and forward the customer calls back to Mexico or to any other location, everything from a mobile device to an international call center. Virtual numbers allow businesses to appear local no matter if they are located across a region, across a country, or across the globe. It’s a proven and cost-effective way for many companies to grow without needing to open up offices in faraway locations.

How Virtual Phone Numbers Can Be Optimized

Virtual phone numbers, when purchased from a top virtual number provider, can easily be activated, often with a risk-free trial. Once a local or toll free number is chosen, however, a company can take steps to maximize the usage of virtual phone numbers in departments as varied as sales, customer care, marketing, and operations. Salespeople may be offered incentives when answering these new customer calls. Customer care teams can be placed in a single location to ensure quality remains consistent. Marketing teams can look to place a new virtual phone number in traditional, digital, and broadcast campaign. Operational teams can make sure that products and services reach the customers on time and in a high quality way. Additional features can also be implemented with virtual phone numbers such as call forwarding, hosted PBX, failover routing, and 24-7 online management.

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