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Toll Free Forwarding

Toll Free Forwarding Puts Businesses Close to Their Customers

Many organizations find success by placing a laser focus on the needs and expectations of their customers. When customers encounter obstacles or barriers to communication these are often lost opportunities for companies to forward a conversation, build a relationship, or make a sale. The first contact with a customer often comes from a toll free number, and businesses must be ready to provide support in the right languages, the right time zones, and with the right resources. Toll free forwarding is often part of a larger customer care strategy for many organizations looking to decrease physical office space and maximize resources.

Businesses Extend their Brand with Toll Free Forwarding

There are many ways for businesses to positively or negatively impact their brand perception. Credibility is key for customers in the decision making process and can often make the difference in spending hard-earned money on a new brand. Nothing demonstrates that a company is legitimate quite like toll free forwarding. Best of all, customers don’t need to know that the virtual number being used for toll free forwarding can be redirected to any location in the world. Businesses can easily provide a bigger brand footprint than their actual number of physical locations. Also, many brands utilize vanity letters in their 1800 number that correspond to the name of the company. They can also activate additional toll free numbers to help test other advertising concepts and campaigns. Toll free forwarding is a proven and cost-effective way to extend a brand and increase sales.

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