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Virtual Number

A Virtual Number Is Virtually Essential for Many Growing Businesses

virtual number provides both small business owners and entrepreneurs with an easy and effective way to expand their products and services. A virtual local, international, or toll free number allows companies to set up a presence in multiple locations without having to lay out money to rent additional office space or hire additional employees. For example, a business in New York that is looking to provide its services in London can sign up for a UK virtual number and have UK calls routed back to them in the US. Using a virtual number is a great way for businesses to show customers that they know who they are and that they value them.

Who Should Use a Virtual Number?

A virtual number allows a company to appear like it physically exists in multiple cities and countries. It is not connected to any single phone line and customer calls can be forwarded to a number anywhere in the world: mobile phone, home office line, or customer care center. A virtual number can be integrated with advanced features as diverse as call recording, smart call forwarding, hosted PBX, and failover routing. Any business that wants to expand to another location is a good candidate for using a virtual number for toll free forwarding.

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