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Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding Can Save Companies Time and Money

How much potential business is lost each year because customers are either confused or unwilling to dial a business phone number outside their local area or country? The solution is simple: call forwarding. A virtual phone number provides the flexibility for businesses to forward calls to a single call center or even a mobile phone for businesses on the go. Companies can avoid infrastructure costs by not needing to rent expensive office space in other cities or countries, as well as the hassle of hiring representatives in multiple locales. For example, a UK phone number, Australia phone number, or other international phone numbers can be routed to a central customer care location.

Call Forwarding 101

Call forwarding, also known as find-me/follow-me, follow the sun, call hunting, virtual number, and call routing, allows businesses to forward local, toll free, or international phone numbers to any location in the world. When a company selects virtual phone numbers, it often has access to advanced call forwarding features such as simultaneous and sequential ringing, international ringback tones, time/day call routing, and SIP (VoIP) call forwarding. Additional features may also include failover routing, hosted PBX, dynamic caller ID, voicemail and fax to email, customizable voice menu (IVR), and unlimited extensions.

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